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As grandMA2 users, we often rent the fixtures for events and the ability to previz the programming is a great advantage. My goal is to create profiles as realistic as possible and as a eye candy, to have more fun with the lighting design. I have been working with MA-Lighting desks since 2006 and I missed realistic fixtures, stages and equipment for a long time, so I began with 3D modelling in 2016.


My philosophy in building fixtures is to find as many common attributes as possible to prevent the desk to create to many preset types. I provided many fixture profiles for free about a year, you can find them at the official MA-Lighting fixture share. Unfortunatly those profiles have bugs, that makes it impossible to match the pixel alignment with the real fixture. After a lot of trying and testing I finally managed to make the fixtures perfect and they are now worth to present them on this website. The profiles are provided in xml format, so you just have to import them to the desk or PC like a usual fixture.


Message sent. Thank you!

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